Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Preserving Our History

Recently the news media featured a story on a historic church in Lawrence, Kansas, seeking funds to preserve their 100 year old building once attended by writer, Langston Hughes. The church had been added to the National Historic Places Register in 2005 and congregants as well as other interested parties were gathering donations to keep this physical reminder of our state’s rich history in good repair.

All around us are symbols and reminders of our history. We may pass them on our way to work or drive by them travelling down the highway. Dedicated individuals, organizations and agencies work to preserve, protect and teach us all within these places... some of which may not even be well known to the general public.

Below are some online resources on historic sites in Kansas and the U.S. We’ve also added links to information on how to get listed as a historic place, available grants, laws, preservation helps and contacts. Internet sites for educators and children have been included as well.

History literally comes alive when we stand in those places where others before us have affected who, what and where we are today. So pull over to the side of the Information Highway and take a look at some of the places we have listed here. Happy trails!


Historic Properties in Kansas
(An excellent page provided by the Kansas State Historical Society with information on historic sites, historic preservation, grants and incentives, laws and contact information)

Kansas Historic Preservation Office
(Staff reviews approximately 3,000 projects per year for potential effects on the state's historic and archeological resources. Includes an online newsletter, Kansas Preservation)

Kansas Historic Resources Inventory (KHRI)
(Search the KHRI for surveyed historic resources in Kansas)

Kansas Historic Sites Map
(from the Kansas State Historical Society)

Explore Kansas History!
Printable Brochure on state historic sites (Adobe Acrobat)

Territorial Historic Sites in Kansas
(Found on the State Historical Society’s Territorial Kansas website, this page lists historic sites in Kansas with connections to Kansas territorial heritage)


National Register of Historic Places
(US National Park Service)

How to list a property as a National Historic Place
(Frequently asked questions)
(US National Park Service)

Historic Preservation Information
(Grants, “How to’s,” Laws, Standards & Guidelines, Tax Incentives)

Searching the National Register Information System
(Help guide to the system)
The National Register Information System
(Search for historic places near you or in locations you may visit in the future)
A printable list (Adobe Acrobat) of National Historic Places in Kansas)

Resources for teachers and students on historic places in the U.S.
(Great Internet resources for teaching history from the National Park Service)

History and Culture for Kids
(Includes: Archeology for Kids -- The Great American Landmarks Adventure -- American Defenders of Land, Sea & Sky. A cool way to explore American history using its historic locations)

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