Friday, October 28, 2011

Trainings and career development offered

Tough times are lingering, yet many Kansans are finding new avenues to employment. Career development, trainings, and college offer exciting possibilities. And, there are many options offered by the State of Kansas and the Federal agencies to assist Americans in finding the educational opportunties that may lead to new careers.

Job & Career Accelerator from the State Library of Kansas:

Thriving in Tough Times, Employment and Training resources:

Training from the Kansas Department of Labor, KansasWorks:


Career training from Heartland Works, Inc.:

Workshops and certifications from Workforce Centers:

Career Onestop from the U.S. Department of Labor:

U.S. Job Corps:

Youth Training from the U.S. Department of Labor:

Links to Kansas Universities and Community or Technical Colleges:

Kansas Career Zoom- information on career technical education training opportunities from 26 Kansas public institutions:

Educational Opportunities for unemployed workers:

Article contact: Kim Harp

Monday, October 24, 2011

Road Construction

It is jokingly said that there are two seasons in Kansas... Winter and Road Construction. As highway and local street improvement projects continue across the Sunflower State we thought some links to information on road transportation might be helpful.

Traffic and Travel Information
(Closed roads, driving conditions, weather, Metro areas, regional and national conditions. Provided by the Kansas Department of Transportation)

(Links to road conditions and work zones around the state)

(An interactive map showing traffic alerts on highways around the state as well as live camera views at selected sites. Provided by the Kansas Department of Transportation)

RWIS (Road and Runway Weather Information System) Map and Weather Data
(Clickable map showing temperatures, humidity and wind speeds at selected locations in Kansas. Provided by the Kansas Department of Transportation)

(T-WORKS is a 10-year, $8 billion transportation program designed to create jobs, preserve highway infrastructure, and provide multimodal economic development opportunities across the state)

Mileage Between Kansas Cities
(Put in two towns for travel distances. Provided by the Kansas Department of Transportation)

Kansas Highway Rest Areas
(Use the interactive map to find places to pull over at along your trip)

Trucking KS
(Assists for truckers and other commercial drivers in Kansas)

Kansas City Metro Area Live Traffic
(Roadwork in and around the KC Metro Area)

Kansas City Metro Area
Lane Closure Info

City of Lawrence Construction Updates

City of Topeka Street Closings

Wichita Public Works & Utilities
(Click on Major Construction Projects for Streets & Buildings for a weekly report on road closings and construction in Wichita)

Sedgwick County Current and Future Road Closings

Other Kansas Towns
(Blue Skyways. A service of the State Library of Kansas)

Article contact: Bill Sowers
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Disability Employment Awareness

Governor Brownback has proclaimed October to be Disability Employment Awareness Month. Throughout October, employers are encouraged to consider mentoring and hiring individuals with disabilities. Kansas runs specific adaptation programs to assist employers and employees in creating optimum working enviroments and career development. Learn how you can help link students and job seekers with employers this month!

Governor Brownback's proclaimation:

National American Association of People with Disabilities' (AAPD) Disability Mentoring Day (DMD) program :

Kansas equipment exchange:

Kansas Agrability Project (assists farmers in obtaining adaptations to continue work):

Kansas Human Rights Commission:

Assistive Technology:

More assistive technology:

Kansas Works:

Kansas Job and Career Accelerator:

Labor market information from the Kansas Department of Labor:

Article contact: Kim Harp

Friday, October 7, 2011

¿Habla Ud. Español?

Spanish language resources on government websites are an increasingly familiar sight. Below are some Kansas government pages with information in Spanish as well as links to some federal sites: en Español
(El sitio mejor del estado Kansas)

Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services
Servicios sociales y de rehabilitación

Kansas Secretary of State
Instrucciones para registro de votante

Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Solicitud de copia certificada del acta de nacimiento

Obtenga la solicitud para una copia certificada del acta de matrimonio

Formulario para solicitar una copia certificada del acta de divorcio

La Oficina de Salud Local y Rural
(La Oficina de Salud Local y Rural del Departamento de Salud y Medio Ambiente de Kansas, provee asistencia a comunidades de Kansas para establecer o modificar sus sistemas de distribución de servicios de salud)

Kansas Corporation Commission

Programa Lifeline de Kansas
(Usted puede ser elegible a recibir hasta $17.77 de descuento en su cuenta mensual de teléfono local por medio del programa Lifeline. Si actualmente no tiene servicio de teléfono, usted también puede ser elegible para un descuento en el cobro de conexión por medio de Link Up America)

Asistencia económica para gastos de calefacción
(Si usted no puede pagar su cuenta por completo, llame a su compañía de utilidades para hacer un acuerdo de pago)

Kansas Department on Aging
Su guia para obtener recursos alimentairas en Kansas

Servicios para los Ancianos Frágiles Basados en el Hogar y la Comunidad

Otras Lenguas
(Clique a "Spanish" en el menú desplegable. CLique a la flecha a la derecha de "Spanish" para traducir la pagina)

Kansas Department of Labor
El Departamento Laboral de Kansas
(El Seguro de Desempleo es un programa que provee temporalmente beneficios semanales a trabajadores desempleados que califíquen. La oficina de Beneficios determina la elegibilidad y el pago subsiguiente de beneficios a los trabajadores desempleados. Estas personas deben cumplir con ciertos requisitos antes de recibir beneficios de desempleo. La oficina de Contribuciones es responsable de la recolección de impuestos estatales de los empleadores. Este pago del seguro no es deducido del sueldo de los empleados)

El Gobierno Federal

Gobierno USA.Gov

¿Busca Beneficios?

Servicio de Ciudadanía e Inmigración de Estados Unidos

Community Virtual Library
(A resource of Spanish language sites set up by the nonprofit, Community Virtual Library, in the virtual world, Second Life)
Ayuda en Español

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