Friday, March 6, 2009

Government regulation of insurance

When shopping for insurance or looking for health assistance, it can be puzzling as to which agency regulates or provides which kind of insurance. The Kansas Insurance Commissioner's office regulates commercial insurance companies in Kansas. The Kansas Health Policy Authority provides and regulates the state employee health insurance plan as well as state assisted health plans like Healthwave and Medicaid. The Kansas department of Social and Rehabilitation Services provides general medical assistance to those who qualify. Lastly, the Kansas Department of Labor provides unemployment insurance. Follow the links below for more valuable insurance consumer information!

Kansas Insurance Commissioner's homepage

Insure U- a website for consumers to learn more about the ins and outs of insurance

ABC's of insurance: a primer

How to fight suspected insurance fraud

Health Insurance Reform in Kansas:

Auto insurance:
Shopper's guide from the Insurance Commissioner's office:

Compare auto insurance rates:

Home/Renter's insurance:
A primer from the Insurance Commissioner:

Chart comparing Kansas home insurance companies:

Turned down? Ask about the Kansas FAIR Plan: (scroll to the bottom)

Health insurance:
A primer for health insurance:

Kansas Health Policy Authority homepage

Information on buying long-term care insurance:

And from the Kansas Department on Aging:

State Employee healthcare plan:

State assistance for health insurance- Medicaid and Healthwave

or for general assistance with disabilities

How to apply for assistance:


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