Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thriving in Tough Times

Are you looking for information to help you weather the recession? Chin up! The State Library of Kansas has assembled resources to assist you! Whether it's finding a new job, figuring out how to refinance your home mortgage, where to turn if you've lost health insurance, or just how to weather current economic conditions, you have a place to turn to. The State Library has a new wiki to help you find the assistance you need at

There are resources on:
Employment and Training
Managing your finances
Housing assistance
Resources for families
Under construction: Look for the soon-to-be-added resources that details how your local public library is helping your community.

If you know of a valuable site or resource that isn't on this website you can start or join discussions and add to the pool of resources. Let's help our fellow Kansans weather this storm!

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