Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Winter Energy Conservation and Assistance

"Old Winter sad in snow yclad,
Is making a doleful din;
But let him howl til he crack his jowl,
We will not let him in!"
~Thomas Noel, "Old Winter"

As the leaves fall from the trees so does the temperature outside creating a need for energy to heat schools, businesses, other buildings and homes. Conserving our energy resources and assisting others in staying warm throughout the winter months are vital tools in keeping "Old Winter" howling outside.

Listed below are links to resources on home energy conservation and energy cost assistance programs:


Kansas State University Extension
(You can find answers to frequently asked questions, publications, and an extensive list of other Web resources in their link library to help answer your home energy questions.)

Winter Storm Preparation Tips
(Provided by NOAA National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office, Wichita, Kansas)

10 Ways to Increase Home Energy Efficiency
(Provided by Governor Mark Parkinson)

70 Helpful Energy Conservation Tips of the Home
(Information from KU Center for Sustainability)

Home Energy Checklist for Action
(Provided by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy)

Furnace Maintenance
(Lawrence Journal-World article by Julie Anderson on home heating systems)

Weather Star Program
(Information, tips and resources on energy conservation from the U.S. Government)

Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency

(Information for children on energy conservation from the US Energy Information Admin.)


Cold Weather Rule
(The Kansas Corporation Commission established the Cold Weather Rule in 1983 to protect human health and safety and to insure that Kansans have residential electric and gas services they need during the winter. The Cold Weather Rule is effective from November 1 through March 31.)

Kansas Low Income Energy Assistance Program
(The Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) is a federally funded program. It helps eligible households pay a portion of their home energy costs by providing a one-time per year benefit.)

Weatherization Assistance Program
(The Weatherization Assistance Program, funded through the U.S. Department of Energy and the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program, provides housing improvements that increase energy efficiency in income-eligible, single- or multi-family dwellings, including manufactured homes. Found on the Kansas Housing Resources Corporation website)

Energy Assistance Agencies
(A list of agencies around the state that may be able to help. Due to limited funds some may not be able to be of assistance. Information provided by the Kansas Gas Service corporation)

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