Thursday, November 12, 2009


Football, food and family! The Thanksgiving holiday is fast approaching and this KGI Blog issue provides you with a table full of information on all the above plus some history of the day and a bit of etiquette advice for those large gatherings. Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving at
(Information from the federal government. You want it! They have a lot of it!)

Thanksgiving Aids for Teachers (From the Library of Congress)

History of Thanksgiving
(From the History Channel)

The Pilgrim Story
(From Pilgrim Hall Museum)

Investigating the First Thanksgiving
(You are the historian!)

Deconstructing the Myths of “The First Thanksgiving”
(From Oyate, an organization that works to portray Native American history in a more historic light. Refutes or explains many of the stories/legends of the English settlers who landed at
Plymouth, Massachusetts and the Native Americans they met)

US Thanksgiving Holiday resources
(From the University of Oregon website: "This is a self-paced Webquest activity. It is an example of how to use the Internet to support learning on a cultural topic, using a fun and interactive approach. Work by yourself or with a friend or classmate. Choose sites that interest you from Webquest Choices below, and do the tasks. Note that there are some additional Educator Resource ideas at the end.")

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
(From Includes: What's new -- Parade map -- The Night Before -- Parade History -- Parade FAQs)
Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Photo Gallery


Kansas Governor's Proclamations of Thanksgiving
(Provided by the Library of Congress)

Thanksgiving in Kansas
(Information from the Kansas State Historical Society)

Kansas Memory website
(A cornucopia of original resources relating to Thanksgiving in Kansas through the years)

Poetry of Kansas
Website search results for Thanksgiving
(Results of a search for pre-1923 poems at this website that mention Thanksgiving)

Check the weather reports!
(It's always good to check the weather reports in Kansas before setting out over the river and through the woods.... or prairie. This is a new site still under construction but with lots of resources)

Thanksgiving Football Schedule
(A well known commercial website with information on games and Thanksgiving traditions)


Turkey for the Holidays
(Information from the University of Illinois)

Thanksgiving Food Preparation Tips
(From the University of Nebraska at Lincoln)

Enjoy Holiday Foods Without Adding Extra Pounds
(Information from K-State Research and Extension)

Listen to Planning and Serving a Holiday Meal (audio)
(Information from K-State Research and Extension)

K-State's 'Mr. Manners' offers Thanksgiving etiquette tips
(Somewhat tongue-in-cheek but full of good practical ideas for large family gatherings)

Enjoy Holiday Foods Without Adding Extra Pounds
(Information from K-State Research and Extension)

Planning and Serving a Holiday Meal (Online audio)
(Information from K-State Research and Extension)

Look over resources through our library catalog, ATLAS, on Thanksgiving
Article contact: Bill Sowers
(Check out recent additions to our collection here)