Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bluegrass: it's not just a type of music anymore

Little Bluestem grass that is (Schizachyrium scoparium). The Governor signed House Bill 2649 this week designating the Little Bluestem as the official Kansas state grass. The bill was sponsored by Representatives Kay Wolf and Sharon Schwartz. It is also the state grass of our neighbor, Nebraska.

Read "Little Blue's Story" at:

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Little Bluestem joins our other state symbols which can be found at:

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The State Library of Kansas:

Learn more about the Kansas prairie and grasslands:
Cimmaron National Grassland:

Institute for Grassland studies:

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Learn how you can help preserve our native grasslands:
Natural Resources Conservation Service:

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Plant this hardy and drought-resistant native species in your landscaping this spring!

Article contact: Kim Harp

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