Friday, August 20, 2010

League of Kansas Municipalities

2010 marks the 100th anniversary of the League of Kansas Municipalities (LKM). The League is not a state government agency but "a voluntary, nonpartisan organization of over 500 Kansas cities. It operates as a public agency and is defined by state law as an instrumentality of its member cities. The powers and duties of the League are prescribed by state law and in bylaws adopted by the voting delegates of its member cities." [from the League's website]

Besides working as an advocate and resource center for municipalities in Kansas the League of Kansas Municipalities also offers up a treasure trove of information on city-related topics, much of which is available to the general public on the League's website.

Below are links to resources on the LKM's website along with links to some other local government organizations in Kansas:


Directory of Kansas Public Officials
(The Directory allows searching by city, county, public school district and by personal name. There is also a clickable map. General contact information is supplied not only for local officials but for state and federal legislative representatives in the city sections too.

Sample Ordinances
(Grouped by topics such as animals, cell phones and motor vehicles, concealed carry and zoning the League provides simple examples of ordinances which can be modified by local government attorneys to meet the needs of municipalities)

Legislative Guide
(The League puts out an annual guide to the Legislature with contact information as well as information on committee membership, legislative leadership, key session dates, and support staff contacts)

Fiscal Year Budget Tips
(Some basic information on taxes, government funds and budget preparation to assist local officials in preparing their operating budgets for the coming year)

Kansas Cities on the Web
(The League provides links to over 200 official city websites in Kansas)


Kansas Government Journal
(Includes an online archive of past articles going back to 1914)

League News
(Newsletter with back issues available online)

Comprehensive Publications List
(Includes League of Kansas Municipalities publications available for sale)

Legislative Alerts
("Breaking news" bulletins)

Standard Traffic Ordinance (STO)
Uniform Public Offense Code (UPOC)
(Order form link page)


Kansas Association of Chiefs of P0lice

Kansas Association of Code Enforcement

Kansas Association of Counties

Kansas Association of Local Health Departments

Kansas Association of School Boards

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