Thursday, March 31, 2011

Radiation and your government

With the disaster in Japan, Kansans can't help but think of the effects it may have upon themselves and their neighbors. We're concerned for our Japanese friends we look to see how we can help. We Kansans don't need reminders how nature can throw us curve balls and we know how to pick up after a natural disaster; yet the scale and the subsequent nuclear effects of this disaster leaves us scratching our heads and worrying. Learn more about the effects of radiation and our own nuclear reactor, Wolf Creek here.

The Kansas Division of Emergency Management, an arm of the Kansas Adjutant General's Office, manages natural or man-made disasters.

See the Division's statement regarding radiation from the Fukushima nuclear plant:

Find out more ways in which Kansas responds to radiation from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment:

Learn more about radiation and its effects from the Federal Environmental Protection Agency:

Read the news on nuclear safety from the Unites States Nuclear Regulatory Commission:

Learn about levels of exposure and the health effects of radiation:

Learn more about the safety features of our nearest nuclear plant, Wolf Creek:
Safety Plan:

Read studies of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami:

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