Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Recovery efforts- helping our neighbors

We Kansans know natural disasters and we know that it takes help from our community, friends and family to pull through. Our neighbor states are facing long-term recovery after tornadoes, storms and floods. Several Kansas counties are facing severe droughts. If you are among the fortunate who are not facing Mother Nature’s wrath, and you wish to help your Kansas and southern neighbors, look to these resources to find ways to help.


Looking for a good organization to donate?

List of charities given a seal by the Better Business Bureau:

Have goods to donate? Find out what needs are first from the National Donations Management Network:

Don’t get scammed! If you are contacted to donate for a charity- make sure it’s registered and legit by going to: or or

Make sure that whomever is soliciting for funds gives you the required information about their organization:

There are organizations that are exempt from registering with the Secretary of State:

Unlawful acts in charitable funds as applied to the planning, conduct or execution of any solicitation or charitable purpose:

How your government helps during a recovery:

Kansas Governor Brownback declares drought:

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) provides emergency loans for drought-stricken areas:

Individual Assistance information from the Kansas Adjutant General, Division of Emergency Management:

The Kansas Adjutant General, Division of Emergency Management can send response personnel during times of disaster and recovery:

View all states that have disaster declarations:

Get updates on natural disaster and recovery efforts:

Federal recovery assistance:

Recovery information from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA):

FEMA helps you locate your family immediately following a natural disaster:

Tips for rebuilding after a disaster:

Rebuilding libraries, historical societies, museums and other important cultural organizations vital to communities:

Article contact: Kim Harp

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