Friday, November 18, 2011

Charities and Volunteering

Kansans are well known for giving their time, talents and dollars to others in need. We especially think of how we might share something of what we have during this season of celebrations and gifts. Below is a update of resources from a KGI blog written by Kim Harp in 2009 on volunteering and charitable giving.

Giving to Charities
(Information from Attorney General Derek Schmidt)

For Charities and Donors
(Information from the U.S. Better Business Bureau)

Kansas Charity Check
(Includes a "Charity Search" feature which allows you to see basic information on charities. Some organizations are exempt from registering. A list of these types of organizations can be found in the law, K.S.A. 17-1762)

United Way of the Plains and the 211 Telephone number:
(Find an organization to donate to or volunteer with through the United Way)

Community Health Charities of Kansas and Missouri
(Community Health Charities of Kansas & Missouri gives employees the freedom to support the local health charities of their choice through payroll deduction)

Global Impact
(Assure help for the world’s most vulnerable people by giving to charities working in developing countries around the world)

Find volunteer opportunities at:
Governor's Mentor Program
(Kansas Mentors is a statewide mentoring partnership that connects existing mentoring programs with each other and serves as a resource center for communities wishing to start a program. Kansas Mentors works to promote the great mentoring opportunities found throughout the state and to find ways to recruit more Kansans to become part of these efforts)

Kansas Volunteer Commission
(The Kansas Volunteer Commission (KVC) is a governor appointed commission that serves to promote and develop volunteerism throughout Kansas by connecting nonprofit organizations to each other while also providing resources and support to local service organizations and individuals)

Create the Good
(Be a force for good... whether you have 5 minutes, 5 hours or 5 days)

(Search volunteer opportunities near your location)

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DENICE said...

Hi,I would also like to add Jason Halek , he is well known for his philanthropic work. Halek Charities are helping out the needy children. And, they are doing a great job.