Thursday, December 15, 2011

It takes a village... to ensure child safety

Parenting styles vary greatly, but it can be agreed that ensuring a child's life is free from intentional or preventable harm is every citizen's responsibility. The government uses statistics and reports to create safety programming and allocate funds to agencies that serve families and children. These programs and gencies help parents ensure the safety of their children. Learn what the state and federal governments are doing to ensure the safety of all children in Kansas.

contact the Kansas Protection Report Center at 1-800-922-5330

Government Studies and Statistics:

Annual report of the Child Death Review Board, a division of the Attorney General's Office:

Kansas Social and Rehabilitation Services (SRS) Reports and Publications:

Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) Reports and Statistics:

Center for Disease Control (CDC) Child Health Statistics:

KidsCount data center:

Missing or exploited children:

AMBER Alert program in Kansas:

National Center for Missing or Exploited Children:

Federal Office to Monitor Trafficking of Persons:

FBI Office of Human Trafficking:

How to get assistance for children you suspect are involved in human trafficking:

Child Abuse or Neglect:

Kansas Child Protective Services:

Kansas SRS Child Abuse & Neglect Registry:

Kansas Save Haven Law. ***If you have an infant up to 45 days old, which you are unable to care for financially, physically, emotionally or otherwise you may give your child over to a medical facility, fire station or health department. Choose this option over harming your child:

Sexual Violence:

KDHE Sexual Violence and Education division:

Kansas Bureau of Investigation offender registry list:

Rape statistics:

Healthcare and Nutrition:

KDHE Bureau of Family Health:

Kansas WIC program:

CDC Nutrition information:

National Institute of Health information:

School and Childcare Safety:

Kansas Department of Education:

Kansas Coordinated School Health Program:

Kansas Attorney General:

KDHE Childcare Licensing:

Safekids Kansas:

SIDS and Safe sleeping:

Kansas Attorney General:

CDC SIDS information:

Back to Sleep campaign from the National Institute on Health:

Safe Transportation:

KDHE information on child safety seats:

Safekids Kansas information:

Kansas Department of Transportation:

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