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Aviation in Kansas

The aviation industry has played and continues to be a vital part of the Kansas economy. Below are links to resources on aviation in Kansas as well as news stories on recent events concerning aviation in Kansas.


Wings over Kansas
A website that gives reports, reviews, and detailed histories of various aspect of aviation history.

Kansas Aviation Museum
A great all around resource for a wide variety of aviation history in Kansas.

Aviation and Aviators in Kansas
From The Kansas Historical Society’s Kansapedia. Gives information on famous Kansans that werein the forefront of developing the aeronautics industry in Kansas. Also includes information on some corporations.



Wikipedia entry for Beechcraft

The Boeing Company

Wikipedia entry for Boeing

Bombardier Learjet

Learjet in Wikipedia

Cessna Aircraft Company

Cessna in Wikipedia

General Wikipedia entry on Aircraft manufacturing in Wichita,_Kansas

Kansas Department of Transportation / Division of Aviation
For up to date commercial information on the what the government of Kansas is doing in aviation, this is the best resource.


Governor Brownback's Press Releases
The following link will provide a cite where you can get
press releases from the Governor concerning recent events.

The Wichita Eagle has covered recent events concerning Boeing leaving Wichita. Here is a link to many of the Stories. You can use their search function to locate others.

Airports in Kansas
Kansas has one large commercial airport, and many smaller airports. There is a regional airport being developed in Garden City With the help of federal funds.

Kansas Airport Directory

Mid-Continent Airport – Wichita
Wichita is serviced by various airlines, the main carrier has been AirTran, which was bought by Southwest Airlines. Southwest has Agreed to continue service to Wichita. Here are some links from The Wichita Eagle that will provide more information.

Mid-Continent Airport website (Wichita)

Garden City Regional Airport in the news

More articles on Garden City’s Airport

The Garden City Regional Airport website

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