Monday, June 18, 2012

Kansas Boating Requirements

As the summer season gets underway, Kansas boaters will head for Kansas waterways. Experienced boaters know that there is more to boating than playing with cool water. New boat owners need to absorb regulations, requirements, and best practices for safety.

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism has a web page that is devoted to the needs of Kansas boaters. It may be accessed at:

This page will help boaters be safe, knowledgeable, and legally responsible. The page helps boat owners register their boats or renew their registrations. It also creates easy access to the Home Study and Online Study courses that are recommended for adults and required for boaters between 12 and 20. There is also information on access points for boating all over the state. 

The Law Enforcement link is the most important source for legal information on registration, equipment and operations.

Boat owners are advised to review all regulations every year because changes in boating laws can occur at any time. The Law Enforcement page also has information on Water Skiing and Towing, Boating and Alcohol, and Accident Reporting.

This site is remarkably easy to navigate and offers a good selection of official contacts, in addition to online information. The quick link PDF documents chosen for this site include:

The Regulations Summary
BUI (Boating Under the Influence) Information
The Home Study Course

Involvement in recreational water sports has been steadily rising in Kansas, making this practical information not only useful, but critically important to keeping Kansans and their children safe.

Article contact: Shannon Roy
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