Thursday, September 25, 2008

State and Personal Finances

At a time of financial uncertainty it a good idea to be aware of how government can assist you. Below is a list of Kansas state agencies and how they oversee and regulate firms, activities and individuals while educating and assisting Kansas citizens. We've also included some other online resources that might be of help to you in understanding economic issues in our state.

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Kansas Department of Credit Unions
(The mission of the Kansas Department of Credit Unions is to protect Kansas citizens and credit union members from undue risk through the examination and supervision of Kansas chartered credit unions to ensure safe and sound operation and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.)

Kansas Division of Consumer Protection, Attorney General's Office
(This Division investigates scams, mediates and prosecutes violations of the Consumer Protection Act, Kansas Charitable Organization and Solicitations Act, the Funeral and Cemetery Merchandise Agreements Act and the Kansas Cemetery Corporation Act.)

Kansas Housing Resources Corporation
(The Kansas Housing Resources Corporation mission is to enhance Kansas communities with housing opportunities. This goal is achieved through using a variety of strategies and approaches, including increasing homeownership opportunities, leveraging the construction of more affordable rental housing, preserving existing housing through rehabilitation, promoting energy efficiency improvements for owner-occupied and rental housing, providing affordable housing through rent assistance to low-income families and senior citizens, and creating housing opportunities for previously underserved persons and communities.)

Kansas Insurance Department
(The Kansas Insurance Department regulates and reviews companies, educates consumers, assists consumers, and licenses agents selling insurance products in the state.)

Kansas Office of the Securities Commissioner
(The mission of the Office of the Kansas Securities Commissioner is to protect and inform Kansas investors, to promote integrity and full disclosure in financial services, and to foster capital formation.)

Kansas Office of the State Bank Commissioner
(The mission of the Office of the State Bank Commissioner is to ensure the integrity of regulated providers of financial services through responsible and proactive oversight, while protecting and educating consumers.)

Kansas State Treasurer
(The mission of the State Treasurer's Office is to participate in the management of public funds to ensure safe and sound financial practices that benefit the people of Kansas. Through efficient and effective use of public and private resources, we will partner with Kansas citizens in the pursuit of their financial security.)


Publications on the status of Kansas' economy

Kansas Economic Opportunity Initiatives Fund- disaster assistance funding available to businesses

Kansas Economic Development Alliance

Kansas economic data summary:

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