Monday, September 22, 2008

Wind Energy

Many believe that the word, Kansas, named for the Kansa Native American tribe, means "People of the South Wind." It's an appropriate name as wind has played a vital role in the development of our state.

As people worldwide turn to alternate energy resources to replace fossil fuels the "People of the South Wind" have also set their sails... or rather wind turbines... toward this powerful force as a means of harnessing one of the great symbols of our state and converting it into energy that will light our cities and drive us into the 21st century.

Below are some online resources on the development and use of wind energy in Kansas:

Community Wind
(Kansas State Corporation Commission, 2006 workshop)

Fact Sheet on Wind Power in Kansas
(Sierra Club)

Impact of Wind Farms on Public Health
(Kansas Legislative Research Department, 2007)

Kansas Annual Average Wind Power Map
(National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

Kansas Energy Plans (2007 and 2008)
(Kansas Energy Council)

Kansas Wind Activities
(U.S. Dept of Energy)

Kansas Wind Energy
(Kansas Energy Information Network)

Kansas Wind Energy Development
(Advice from the Kansas Farm Bureau for landowners approached by wind energy companies)

Kansas Wind Energy Resource Map and Electric Transmission
(Kansas Energy Council)

Kansas Wind Working Group
(Established by Governor Sebelius, January 7, 2008)

Small Wind in Kansas
(American Wind Energy Association)

Ten FAQs About Wind Energy
(National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

Wind and Prairie Task Force
(Established by Governor Kathleen Sebelius. Final report delivered June 7, 2004)

Wind Energy
(Kansas Dept. of Agriculture)

Wind Energy Projects
(Kansas Rural Center)

Wind Powering America: Kansas
(National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

Wind Shear Characteristics at Central Plains Tall Towers
(National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

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