Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Making the Grade

Did you know that the Kansas State Department of Education provides an annual report card on the state of education? Statistics are available on schools statewide, by district and even down to individual schools (i.e. "building").

You can check on school/district population, racial and ethnic breakdown, student economic status, percentage of students with disabilities, gender and English language learners.
Information is available on performance of various groups' testing results in science, history/geography, writing, math and reading abilities. Information is also provided on many of the private schools in Kansas as well.

Attendance, graduation and dropout rates are on the site as well as information on school performance within the federal government "No Child Left Behind" program.
Check out the 2007-2008 Kansas Report Card at:


District and school breakdowns can be found by clicking on the "School/District" link at the middle top of the main page under the logo title.

Links to previous years' reports are found in the left column menu bar as are demographics and definitions. The online service also allows users the opportunity to work the stats for custom reports:


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