Thursday, October 23, 2008

Voting in Kansas

A high voter turnout is expected on November 4th as Kansas citizens' button pressing fingers are itching. This has many Kansans asking, where do I vote and who’s on my ballot? Follow these steps to find out who you will see on your November ballot:

Step 1. To find your district for Congressional leaders, State Board of Education, and state officials go to . Type in your address and your current elected officials will pop up as well as your districts.

Step 2. Once you know your districts you can find out who is running for your districts at the Secretary of State’s candidate list available here:

You may also be interested in the presidential and vice-presidential write-in candidate list available:

Step 3. To find out where you need to go to vote, contact your county election office. A list of offices and their phone numbers is available from the Secretary of State’s website at:

Another way is to access your personal voter registration information. This will name your polling site. You can find that at

Step 4. Be sure to mark November 4th on your calendar! If you would like to vote in advance, follow the steps provided at

*For more information on registering to vote and advanced voting go to

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