Monday, January 26, 2009

Is Kansas ready for alternate energies?

Energy is one of the major concerns on every one's minds. We all know that natural resources are by definition, finite. The grand debate is whether Kansas is ready for large scale wind or other alternate energy projects. Some worry that we don't have the necessary transmission lines to develop, others think that we are ready to surge forward. Your Kansas government has been busy researching and implementing energy related programming. Interested? See the resources listed below to become an informed energy user!

Kansas’ power grid and new lines
Read about a Kansas urban home that is living off the grid!

Map of power plants and transmission lines

List of wind projects and vendors in Kansas

Wind projects currently under construction:

Guidelines and requirements for wind projects in Kansas:

Wind Energy Law: a Whirlwind Tour- a publication by the Kansas Bar Association

Cost-Effective Solar Power in the Heartland- a publication from the KCC

Kansas solar resource map

Solar energy defined- by K-State

Federal Solar Energies Technology Program

Photovoltaic energy systems- from the U.S. Energy Information Administration

K-State University’s solar car

Other interesting alternate energy resources: biomass, hydropower, hydrogen, and geothermal- learn more at: and and

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