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Who is... The Adjutant General?

The Adjutant General’s office is an executive department whose main goal is to keep Kansans safe, be that during time of conflict, or before, during and after natural or man-made disasters. By utilizing the Kansas National Guard and citizen corps, the Adjutant General is in charge of organizing the best methods to provide Kansans with security and protection of life and property.

Kansas Adjutant General homepage:

Leader of the Department: Major General Tod M. Bunting, Adjutant General
Find his biography at:

This department has a long history, as it was organized before Kansas statehood. Find out more at:

The Adjutant General’s office has four divisions:

Kansas Air National Guard

Kansas Army National Guard

Kansas Homeland Security

Kansas Division of Emergency Management
Find out about the purpose and mission of this division at:

You can find the Adjutant General's recent publications including annual reports, Plains Guardian magazine, or other publications online at:

You can find recent press releases regarding natural disasters, National Guard deployments, or other news at:

Reports and publications transcribed by others originally published by the Adjutant General's office that may be of interest to historians or genealogists:

20th Kansas Volunteer Infantry
An Account of the Kansas Volunteers in the Spanish-American War 1898-1899

Excerpts from Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kansas, Vol. 1. - 1861-1865. Leavenworth, Kansas: Bulletin Co-operative Printing Company, Chicago. 1867.

KANSAS CASUALTIES IN THE WORLD WAR, 1917-1919: Compiled Under Supervision of the
Adjutant General of Kansas, 1921.

Kansas Adjutant General's Report, 1898-1899
The 12th biennial Kansas Adjutant General's Report lists the names of all soldiers who served in the Kansas volunteer troops (the 20th through 23rd Kansas Regiments) during the Spanish-American War (1898) and the Philippine Insurrection (through Oct. 28, 1899). This index to the report includes the company and regiment in which the individual served

Kansas Adjutant General's Report, 1861-1865
The Kansas Adjutant General's Report, 1861-1865, lists the names of all troops who served in the Kansas volunteer regiments (for example, the Second Kansas Cavalry or the Eighth Kansas Infantry) during the Civil War. This index to the report, originally prepared by volunteer Fred Delap, includes the name, regiment and company, and place of residence for each soldier. Also listed are a few Kansans who served in non-Kansas regiments; Mr. Delap came across these names in the course of his research. It does NOT include all Kansans who served in the Civil War. In particular, the index does not include the Kansas State Militia.

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