Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Plan your Sunflower State Getaway

The kids are out of school, you’ve been slaving away all year. You need a break. But who can afford to fly to the ocean or the mountains this year? Why not stay close to home and enjoy a little of what Kansas has to offer?

Those from outside the state may snicker behind their hands at the idea of vacationing in Kansas, but those who have been here, or who live here know the real story. We have beautiful natural attractions like the Arikaree Breaks, Flint Hills, Monument Rocks, and much more. We have beautiful reservoirs for boating and fishing, and yes, even beaches for soaking up some sun.
Here are some links to sites to help you explore what Kansas has to offer, and plan your getaway.

The Kansas Department of Commerce's Travel and Tourism Division offers travelers trip planning tools and information about Kansas vacations.

Kansas Travel and Tourism Homepage

Kansas Tourism’s “Quirky Kansas Ready-Made Adventure”
(A planned four-day tour of Kansas, from Goodland to Wichita and back to Garden City.)

Kansas Tourism's Travel Planner
(Select where you want to start, what you want to see, and how far you want to go, and the site will create a travel plan and map for you.)

The Kansas State Historical Society provides information for tourists to explore Historic Kansas.

Kansas State Historical Society's Tourist Homepage
(Explore Kansas by Region, Historic Theme, Venture off the Highway, or find specific Kansas Historic Sites.)

National Historic Landmarks
(See Kansas’ five National Historic Landmarks.)

Kansas Historical Markers
(Ever zip by a roadside marker and wonder what is said? This site lists all of the markers in Kansas by county and by map, including an abbreviated version of the marker’s text.)

Information on outdoor recreation and activities can be found from the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.

Kansas State Parks at Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks
(Find information about Kansas’ State Parks, including information on cabins, camping, boating, trails and fishing.)

Kansas Recreation Finder
(An interactive map to find recreational opportunities around Kansas.)

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