Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Here's to your health!

The Kansas Health Institute recently released a statement which indicated that Kansas ranks as the 18th fattest state, tied with Alaska. This statement reported that, "Kansas had an adult obesity rate of 27.2 percent and a child obesity rate of 31.1 percent." We're all concerned about how to best keep fit and healthy, but did you know that your Kansas government is concerned too? Various state agencies have made it their goal to promote health awareness and provide opportunities for you to get and stay in the best of health.

Governor's Office:
HealthyKansas is a State of Kansas wellness initiative built around three pillars: getting active, eating sensibly, and living tobacco-free. Look for fun incentives, recipes, and other great advice: http://www.healthykansas.org/

Kansas Department of Health and Environment:
Healthy Communities- resources for making your town a healthy one! http://www.kdheks.gov/bhp/healthy_ks_comm/resources.htm

Healthy Kansans 2010- Health priorities and priority indicators are identified and adopted by the Kansas leaders and organizations addressing the comprehensive health continuum http://healthykansans2010.org/ Final report available at: http://healthykansans2010.org/KPHAFiles/Final%20Report%2011-7-06.pdf

Kansas Kids Fitness Day
- was held May 1, 2009 but will be held again! http://www.kdheks.gov/kkfd/index.html

Kansas Lean 21
- Recognizing the rapidly increasing rates of and alarming health impacts (diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and stroke, etc.) from sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits, representatives from more than 50 organizations and agencies across the state have formed the expanded Kansas LEAN-21 Coalition http://www.kdheks.gov/lean/index.html

Step Up Step Out
- a fully designed fitness curriculum available at: http://www.kdheks.gov/lean/resources.html

Kansas Department on Aging:
STEPS program (Seniors Together Enjoy Physical Success)-an exercise program targeted for seniors over the age of 60 http://www.agingkansas.org/HealthyAging/STEPS/STEPS_Index.html

Other publications from this agency: http://www.agingkansas.org/Publications/Publication_Index.htm

Kansas Department of Agriculture:
Ensures that the locally grown food at your local market is safe. Learn more at: http://www.ksda.gov/food_safety/content/334

The Kansas Health Policy Authority:
Kansas Health Online- a consumer website where you'll find quality information and news about medical conditions, health insurance, and health care policy. http://www.kansashealthonline.org/

Publications regarding healthcare reform available at: http://www.khpa.ks.gov/news/default.htm

You can apply for Medicaid or Healthwave (state sponsored healthcare) at: http://www.khpa.ks.gov/news/default.htm

Kansas State Department of Education:
Body Venture- a touring educational exibit featuring child health and nutrition http://www.bodyventure.org/BV/BVMenus/Home_BV.html

Child Nutrition and Wellness program-provides information, resources, training and technical assistance to local agencies operating child nutrition and wellness programs. http://www.kn-eat.org/CNW/CNW_Menus/Index.htm

Coordinated School Health program-an eight-component approach to help youth establish healthful behaviors and attitudes http://www.kshealthykids.org/CSHP/KCSH_Menus/KCSH_Home.htm

Eat, Exercise, Excel!
program-an award-winning, multi-faceted school wellness program that focuses on improving students' nutrition and increasing their physical activity. http://www.eatexerciseexcel.org/EEE/EEEMenus/EEE_Home.htm

State Library of Kansas:
Kansas Reads to Preschoolers... About Fitness! (2009 website to be coming soon- look for further blog entries on this program)

Thriving in Tough Times- health page

Health databases available through the State Library website
(click on "explore our resources" then scroll down until you find the Health & Medical Information databases)

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