Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Drive on the Right Law, et al.

Over 140 bills passed during the 2009 Legislative Session and were signed into law. Many of these new laws go into effect today. Among the new statutes is the "Drive on the Right" law which some have found to be a bit confusing.

Below is a summary of the "Drive on the Right" law provided by the Kansas Legislative Research Department from its publication, 2009 Summary of Legislation (pages 138-139). We've also included some other links to information on "drive on the right" laws as well as a couple resources on legislative activities during the 2009 Session .

Summary of the Drive on the Right Law
"Drive on the Right"; Increases in Certain Motor Carrier Permit Fees; and Cotton Module Permits —House Sub. for SB145

House Sub. for SB145 requires vehicles to be driven in the right lane on a multi-lane road outside of a city, increases certain permit fees charged by the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT), and changes requirements for cotton module permits.

Specifically, the bill makes the following changes to the existing law:

● It amends existing law to require vehicles to be driven in the right lane when two lanes of traffic are going in the same direction on a highway outside of any city. It also requires vehicles on highways with three or more lanes proceeding in the same direction not to be driven in the far left lane. Exceptions apply to both cases:

● When overtaking and passing another vehicle;

● When preparing to make a proper left turn;

● As otherwise directed by official traffic-control devices; or

● As otherwise required by other provisions of law.

The provisions do not apply to authorized emergency, law enforcement, or Kansas Turnpike Authority vehicles or to KDOT vehicles used for construction or maintenance work. Law enforcement officials will be required to issue warning citations for the first full year the bill’s provisions will be in effect (until July 1, 2010).

Kansas News Media Information on the Law

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Other States With Keep Right Laws
(This is a sampling of a handful of states. Also keep in mind that laws can sometimes change faster than they are updated on state websites)

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Other Resources on Right/Left Lane Laws

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(National Motorists Association information on the importance of keeping to the right on highways)

State "Keep Right" Laws
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Other Legislation of Interest Passed During the 2009 Session

2009 Summary of Legislation
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JAB said...

I remember the heated exchange in the editorial sections of Denver newspapers just before they passed the drive on right law in Colorado a few years ago. It's too bad they have to make a law for such a common sense issue, but as they say, "Common sense isn't too common."