Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beat the Heat!

Cole Porter put it best, "It's too darn hot!"

As this oppressive heat wave continues we are hearing news stories of tragic deaths associated with the weather. The elderly, children, athletes, joggers, pets and agricultural animals... All are affected by extreme heat.

Below are links to some resources on beating the heat, staying hydrated and taking heed of the signs of heat stroke or heat exhaustion:

State Officials Urge Precautions Against Heat
(From, The Wichita Eagle)

Current Watches, Warnings and Advisories for Kansas
(List of Active Alerts by County provided by the National Weather Service)

National Heat Warnings
(From the National Weather Service)

Heat: a Major Killer
(From the National Weather Service)

Heat Index (Apparent Temperature) Chart
(From the National Weather Service)

Heat Stroke, Children and Cars
(From Safe

Hot Weather and Vehicles
(Pamphlet from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment)

The Heat Is On!
(Ways in which you can beat the heat in order to protect yourself under hot conditions from Texas A&M University)

Cool Tips for Beating the Heat
(From Kansas Department of Health and Environment)

Precautions for Heat-Related Illness
(From Kansas Department of Health and Environment)

Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke
(From K-State Research and Extension)

Hot Weather, Dogs and Outdoor Activities
(From Kansas State University News Services)

Heat-Related Animal Calls on the Rise
(From The Lawrence Journal World)

Extreme Heat and Kansas Cattle
(From The Kansas City Star)

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