Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The State Library of Kansas

Of all the state and federal agencies that we've covered on this blog, we've neglected to familiarize you with our own, the State Library of Kansas.

What is the State Library of Kansas (SLK)?
The State Library was founded on the basis of the Kansas Territorial Library first funded in 1855. In 1863 the Kansas Legislature made the first appropriations of $2,000 to establish the Kansas State Library. The initial annual salary of the State Librarian was $500. At this time, the State Library was housed in a room in the East wing of the Capitol. In 1900 the State Library was moved to its current site in the North Wing on the third floor of the Capitol.

The State Library’s services have changed and adapted as Kansans' needs have changed. In 1889, the State Library began a traveling library service to serve rural Kansans. In 1964, a system of grants was developed to assist rural libraries. The needs of individuals with low vision are met through the Kansas Talking Books service, begun in the early 1970s. A service to help Kansans obtain important U.S. and Kansas census information began in 1980. The State Library continues to serve the needs of state agencies, legislators, and the general public and will continue to evolve.

Our Mission
In service to Kansas libraries, residents, and government, the State Library of Kansas:

Collects and shares resources and government information;
Delivers information and solutions;
Educates librarians and trustees:
Promotes literacy and reading for everyone; and
Advocates for open and equitable access, intellectual freedom and excellence in library services and support.

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Briefly: what does SLK have and what do they do?

Search SLK's holdings:

Services and Programs of the State Library:
-Audiobooks, Music and More- website which allows Kansas residents to download audiobooks, ebooks and music to their computers or mobile devices
-online statewide databases- available to all Kansas residents
-In-house research databases- available to visiting patrons
-Talking books services- audio books and devices available to those with low vision or reading disabilities, braille services
-Reference Services
-Kansas Reads to Preschoolers
-Homework Kansas- free online tutoring for Kansas residents K-college
-Grants and funding to local public libraries
-Continuing education for public librarians and library trustees
-Interlibrary Loan
-Library and Trustee Certification
-Letters about Literature
-Kansas Notable Books
-Marketing assistance for libraries

Who does SLK serve?
Namely: YOU! Our patrons also consist of legislators and state government agencies.

Article contact: Kim Harp

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