Thursday, December 2, 2010

Online shopping safety tips

It has been reported that the Monday after Thanksgiving set records for internet sales. This holiday season many individuals are choosing to shop online rather than fight the crowds and weather. Online shopping is fun, easy, and can be done quickly, but it does come with some risks. Here are some safety tips from the State Library and other state and federal agencies to keep you and yours safe and happy this season.

Protect your online identity with these tips from the Kansas Attorney General:

Federal Trade Commission tips:

What to do if you've been a victim of identity theft:

Tips brought to you by a conglomerate of Federal agencies:

Research the reliability of your online store at the Better Business Bureau:

Check for the Verisign logo or the Better Business Bureau logo on the sites where you shop:

Tips from the U.S. Postal Service regarding mail fraud:

Giving to charity this season? Ensure your dollars are going to the cause you wish to support at the Kansas Secretary of State's site:

Article contact: Kim Harp

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