Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter weather

We Kansans can empathize with our east- and west-coast friends. We've seen and experienced the weather that they're currently mucking through--maybe not the mudslides, but the storms, snow, and ice. Been there. Luckily, Kansas government is prepared this winter to help when it hits the Midwest. (As we all know, it will eventually.) Take a look at how your government is preparing your community for the inevitable.

Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, Lightning : Nature's Most Violent Storms : a Preparedness Guide
(Issued by the National Weather Service and the American Red Cross, a 16-page booklet in pdf format that can be printed off and distributed to schools, libraries, government offices and others)

Winter weather- create a preparedness kit with the help of FEMA:

Travel and weather
Check the roads before you leave home from the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT):

Are You Ready?
(Issued by FEMA, Federal Emergency Management Administration, a guide for communities on preparing for disasters. Documents and kits are available in various formats and the guide is also printed in Spanish)

NOAA's All Hazard Monitor
Storm Prediction Center
(Fire, flood, drought and storms… the National Weather Service has it all here)

An Introduction to Storm Observation and Reporting
("Storm Spotting 101" from the National Weather Service Forecasting Office, Norman, OK)

FEMA For Kids
(Information on disaster preparedness and response for children)

Kansas Severe Weather Information Sources

(Kansas state and regional networks/agencies working together on disaster preparedness)

Tornado FAQ
(From the National Weather Service)

National Weather Service Offices Around the Region Serving Kansans

Lightning Safety
(Kansas Adjutant General's Department)

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