Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Agriculture and Food Inspection in Kansas

The Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA) has a wide range of responsibilities concerning agriculture and food safety. From the field to the table food safety is an important issue, and is for the most part regulated by this agency. The links below will take you to sites on agricultural produce and food inspection regulations as well as forms for businesses, including farmers markets.

Food Safety

2005 Kansas Food Code
(Kansas Administrative Regulations 4-28-8 Through 4-28-15. It's always a good idea to contact an issuing agency regarding the current status of agency regulations)

Statutes and regulations supplied by the KDA
(Check with the KDA or State Library of Kansas on the current status of statutes)

Kansas Department of Agriculture’s Consumer related food safety information.

KDA individual food safety sheets
(The Kansas Department of Agriculture provides food safety educational materials for consumers, food workers and the food industry)

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment also has information on reporting foodborne illnesses including reports of foodborne illnesses in Kansas

The Bad Bug Book
(the US Food and Drug Administrations’s manual on all manner of foodborne pathogens)

Start at the Store, don’t bring home bad food from the store in the first place. Also includes a video.

Inspection reports on restaurants and lodging businesses from the Kansas Department of Agriculture website.
(Click on "View Food Safety and Lodging inspection results" and "View Food and Lodging Applications" to search for these reports)

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