Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Water Rights and Water Conservation in Kansas

With the current drought in Kansas, there is a lot of interest in water rights and the conservation of water in Kansas.  Here are some resources that should be helpful to persons interested in this topic.
The Kansas Water Office is one of the main resources for information about water law and conservation in the state.

Within the Kansas Water Office, there is a specific site for the current drought.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment also has a water office which deals with various aspects of water law, regulation for construction and health issues.

The Kansas Department of Agriculture has an office that deals with reports on agricultural use of water in Kansas.

Also from the Kansas Department of Agriculture
Kansas Handbook of Water Rights.

Kansas Conservation and Resources from Kansas State University

Water Conservation Education Resources

Water Well Inspection Manual.

Kansas Water Well Program

The Kansas Geological Survey is also a good source for water information.

Rules and Regulations of Water  Appropriation Act, 2012

NOAA update of drought information

SW Kansas drought information 2012

The Drought Monitor

Go to the Kansas State Library's catalog, to search for further information on water resources and rights in Kansas, and to search databases for further information on the 2012 drought.

Article contact: Tom Roth

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