Friday, August 10, 2012

Synthetic Marijuana

 Search, seizure and investigations into the possession and sale of various forms of "synthetic marijuana" by law enforcement agencies in Kansas have been in the news of late giving rise to questions about synthetic marijuana.

Below are links to information on synthetic marijuana from various government websites as well as an article from a Kansas newspaper:

Synthetic pot cases increase
Lawrence Journal World article - August 9, 2012

DrugFacts: Spice (Synthetic Marijuana)
(from the National Institute on Drug Abuse)

Synthetic Marijuana
(from FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin)

Synthetic Drugs (a.k.a. K2, Spice, Bath Salts, etc.)
(from U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy)
(Easily printable pdf version)

Frequently Asked Questions
(from New York City Health Department... pdf file)

A guide for parents and other influencers
(pdf booklet for adult caretakers on synthetic marijuana from

Article contact: Bill Sowers
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