Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kansas Home Care Association Shares Critical Information on Health Care Options

Many Kansans are working to become aware of health care options, because of health issues they are dealing with for themselves or their family members. Among the service agencies they need to know about is the Kansas Home Care Association.

Home care is a health care option offering a broad range of medical care and support services provided in the home. Services range from simple assistance in the activities of daily living to high-tech medical procedures.

Home care is a cost-effective alternative to hospital and nursing home stays. Home care services are provided through a variety of home care providers, whether independently owned or associated with hospitals, nursing homes, or public health departments. The Kansas Home Care Association offers a directory of member agencies that will allow you to search for an agency using specific search criteria. All agencies providing medical care in the home in Kansas are licensed and surveyed by the state, and many are certified by Medicare.

The site reviews the types of Home Care that might be available,specifies the advantages of home care, gives advice on how to choose a home care agency, and shares information on how Home Care is usually paid for.

When actually trying to find an appropriate agency:

It is wise to move to Advanced Search, because that allows the search to be limited by both type of care and geographical location.

Many people probably make their first contact with home care through a hospital or other health care provider, but there is also an extensive set of helpful links to agencies and organizations.

The site also has good information for those who want to work in the fields of home care and hospice and become active in the Kansas Home Care Association.

Article contact: Shannon Roy

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