Thursday, June 25, 2009

Who is... the Kansas Department of Agriculture?

The Kansas winter wheat harvest is starting to roll in and we here at the KGI thought it would be great to spotlight a government agency that has a deep rooted history to help keep the agriculture-based Kansas economy moving. The Kansas Department of Agriculture (KSDA) is a regulatory agency that serves all Kansans. It is charged by law to ensure: a safe food supply; responsible and judicious use of pesticides and nutrients; the protection of Kansas' natural and cultivated plants; integrity of weighing and measuring devices in commerce; and, that the state's waters are put to beneficial use. This department works with Federal and local agencies to ensure that the food grown in Kansas that is put on the world's plate is safe and wholesome and that the waters that flow through Kansas are appropriated carefully and will continue to flow for future generations.

Department Head: Secretary Adrian Polansky, read his biography at:

Department reports to: Governor


You can find Kansas laws and regulations that apply to agriculture, lodging and water resource management at:

Find the forms for reporting to the KSDA at:

KSDA is committed to educating students about the importance of farming. Learn more at:

Find the list of upcoming seminars or meetings with or by KSDA at:

KSDA recently launched a site to help Kansans support their local growers at:

Learn more about finding or selling locally grown produce at farmers markets all across Kansas:

KSDA provides access to help for Kansas farming families through various services:

Loans and grants available for agriculture:

Connections through its news service:

The Kansas Rural Family Helpline provides free confidential support to rural families struggling with unmet emotional, medical, financial or legal need.

Kansas Agricultural Mediation Services provides low-cost financial counseling and legal assistance.

WORKS -- Work Opportunities for Rural Kansans is a statewide program helping farmers, ranchers and their families find work off the farm or ranch. The program is through Kansas Legal Services.

Kansas AgrAbility is a part of a national network of programs that inform, educate and assist farmers and farm families who have disabilities.

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